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Here is a problem in Old School Runescape concerning your OSRS Gold if you are not a member.

Non-member OSRS Gold Experience

Sierpinskiforce shared to us that he was problematic on how to play Old School Runescape properly if he’s not a member. This was more of a problem also regarding his Old School Runescape Gold:

So I came back after a few month Hiatus (became homeless due to family dying, had to pay funeral costs myself as a 23 yr old) So after a few months I came back to play OSRS and I knew I wasnt members anymore but I figured I could do something in f2p to burn time and get those gains. So I logged onto my main, went up to my bank and withdrew my money to get myself some f2p gear. But I couldnt deposit it or anything because of no warning that f2p has different bank slots than members. So I cant cut yews, because I didnt already have them in my bank, I cant deposit my gold into my account because I dont have space.

So I’m stuck with the dillema of dropping 40m worth of members only items that I spent a year to aquire or just simply not play anymore. The reason this is a bummer is because I cant do a single f2p skill or pk because I dont have the predetermined slots in my bank avilable.

I dont know I just think something like that is something that is kind of dumb to not be able to play a game because I dont have the ability to pay for members.

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OSRS players do understand that they have to pay membership to get a better OSRS experience. They also know that the members’ fee also keeps Jagex continuing operation of the legendary game. This is good to know. Normally, posts like these attract non-paying players and still demand more as free-to-play players. Glad to see OSRS community in this instance being open-minded and logical.