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With the advancement of technology in this day and age, it is still rare to find MMORPGs in consoles. I find this quite surprising since the platform is there and already proven that MMO’s can be played in consoles. I just thought of the idea of that gaming companies should take advantage of, in my opinion, market potential of console users and attract them to play an MMORPG with their consoles. Yes, there’s FFXIV, ESO and other present massive multiplayer online games already but they are just a handful or so. Why not make more of these game genre in consoles? Maybe OSRS for console? Hey, I don’t mind farming OSRS gold with a wireless controller while laying down on my bed. Man, that would be amazing.

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I searched the vast internet if there is someone like me who thinks that gaming companies should pursue creating more MMORPGs for the consoles. Fortunately, I did and here was his post:

I play OSRS and haven’t ever really played any other MMO’s, but i have played a lot of halo on the x box. I was wondering the other day why this doesn’t exist.

I know something like mine craft is compatible, but imagine an MMO with experience grinding tasks and lvl reqs AND a high skill cap of game play for bossing and p2p.

never heard of this existing and was thinking that it was probably because of a business stand point/ the amount of people the company would be able to reach.

And i’m not talking about something like destiny which is third and first person—-maybe like a mix between h1z1 and WOW.

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Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Consoles are great mediums for MMORPGs and maybe one company can utilize it to its full potential. As in make this perfect MMORPG for the console and maybe beat WoW. Who knows right? What I really wish for is that OSRS can be played in console. Old School Runescape Gold can be farmed with a breeze I assume since I can play while lying down in my bed.