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We know Old School Runescape servers are bad. Well, not really bad in my opinion. It is just very vulnerable to DDoS attacks. If you don’t know the meaning of DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service, it is when the server or servers of a game like Old School Runescape is bombarded with malicious data and cause the servers to explode thus making all players trying to connect unable to. So yeah, that is really bad. You will be unable to connect to OSRS or it will be really laggy in the game. Noone likes that. If only I can use my OSRS Gold to help fix the servers, I would.

OSRS Gold: Trying VPN

If you’re experiencing a bad connection with the Old School Runescape servers, you might think it is on your end and search for ways to fix it. Like this guy inquiring in the OSRS Subreddit:


So i dont really know whats been going on with osrs lately but for about two days i couldnt even open the application but now when i log in its laggy consistently. Ive heard people saying I need a VPN but ive never had one. I have also heard its risky using a VPN and that osrs bans accounts at times? Any suggestion of what i can do?


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There are numerous reasons when you’re experiencing such unfortunate times but resorting to VPN can cause you more headaches along the way. Jagex is very particular on players cheating or trying to go around the rules and using a VPN may cause Jagex to identify you as cheating, so don’t. It is pretty ironic that they have such identifications but cannot secure the stability of the servers. Yes I know that it is not easy to block DDoS attacks but it is still a funny irony. So guys, make sure first that the poor connection is not on your end and do not use VPN. Your Old School Runescape Gold might be a waste if your account gets banned for life.