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New stuff in an old game is a good news, right? I mean, the mere fact that there are new additions to the game that has been running for almost a decade now, it has to be something to be joyful about. Well, I guess not. Even there are new stuff added to the game, Old School Runescape players are not satisfied. I don’t think even if they will be swimming in OSRS Gold, they will still find a way to complain about something. Let us see this new rant by Old School Runescape players about the new stuff in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Gold: Auras

There is a discussion in Reddit posted by omigle398 saying about the new auras in Old School Runescape:

not much to say here, osrs is turning in the wrong direction if purposed ripped off content from EOC gets moved onto 07

edit: those stating that i shouldn’t say i don’t want this from EOC just because it’s EOC are wrong, the reason why i don’t want content from EOC into OSRS is because we are playing OSRS. so YES i dont want bs content that was already in EOC be moved into 07 because jagex isn’t creative enough, i don’t care if it’s not exactly like it, it’s the fact that they rip content off EOC and bring it into 07, we DONT want that. we want NEW content for OSRS


Not all are against it anyways like omigle398. Like WizOfTime, he thinks that the new concept is nice:

I think its a cool concept and like it. Downvote away.

The trade off is the risk in wealth you have when using them in pvp. In regular activities, their isn’t a trade off, and can just be seen as a unique type of upgrade that will be a rare reward you get for a new and exotic activity.

Not everything needs a trade off.

Not everyone holds the opinion that these Insignia’s are bad.

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In the conversation of creativity, I have to agree to a degree. If it also applied in the newer version of the game, why would you also put it in OSRS? There are many things to put in the old game that wouldn’t be comparable to RS3. That won’t be unique to OSRS anymore and maybe, just maybe, destroy the OSRS feel. Then again, it is new stuff. It won’t be an imbalance either. So we just have to accept and appreciate it since it IS something new. Hopefully the negativity won’t last regarding this. If I have to buy OSRS gold to eradicate the negativity, I would.