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Old School Runescape is, well, old. It has been up since 2013 but captured the 2007 video game. So basically, the game we love today is from 2007. Therefore, it is old. It is very fortunate that Old School Runescape is still alive up until now even though it isn’t so fresh like these new MMORPGs that come out recently. This is all thanks to the community or the players that keep supporting the game. These people keep on voicing out that OSRS should stay alive because they love the game so much convince Jagex, the developer, to keep on running the game. The important thing is, Old School Runescape is still playable and being supported by the gaming company which developed the game. Like how you cherish your OSRS Gold.

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Sometimes We Have This

As a community driven MMORPG, Jagex entertains a lot of players’ opinion and suggestions. Polls are being set up to get feedback from players on what they are planning or what the general population wants for the game. Sometimes this is bad. Not all feedbacks are good for the game. I do not know how Jagex filters the good ideas from the bad ones but I really think that they are doing a good job in doing so. Take this post for example coming from Reddit:

How about we just leave the game as it is? no new items, no new skills, no new anything. Just let it be the old school RuneScape instead of constantly making new content.

He has point. Old School Runescape is becoming something different from what we enjoyed way back 2007. The very meaning of having an Old School Runescape is to continue on experience the game that prospered a decade ago. So for him, adding new content will make OSRS not OSRS anymore.

What’s bad about his opinion will go back to my introduction, OSRS is old. People will not play the game over and over again if there will be no new content. There is nothing new to the game. Nothing new to do and that is bad.

How about you? What do you think about his post? What do you think should be the path for OSRS? Let us know in the comments section your good stuff. As good as Old School Runescape Gold.