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Players easily complain on little things on the MMORPG they play. For example, in Old School Runescape, a little bug in the game would make the whole population go crazy and rant about it. Don’t worry, Jagex has been fast on fixing those and the bugs on the latest content addition are already fixed. Looks like a great time to spend those OSRS gold in game!

OSRS Gold: Bugs Fixes

Here are some of the bug fixes in OSRS (November 24, 2016).

  • Sand Crab Isle now has a few more Sand Crabs.
  • The boss kill log will now display the maximum trackable kill count alongside “Lots” when the maximum kill count is reached.
  • The bonecrusher’s notifications now appear every 100 charges rather than every 50 charges.


  • Corrected some spam filtering in Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
  • Removed an old Arceuus Path tile from outside of the Tower of Magic.
  • The Copper Longtails on Zeah no longer activate the Western Provinces Diary.
  • Smoothed some ground textures around the cliffs in the Shayzien District.
  • Blocking beside the Lovakengj anvil room has been removed.
  • Removed old path tile from route between Arceuus Fairy Ring to Dark Altar.
  • All of the Wounded soldiers in the infirmary can now be accessed.
  • Render orders of the Shayzien infirmary roof have been fixed.
  • Fixed a small graphical issue on the bookcases in the top of the Arceuus Library.
  • The painting in Kourend Castle no longer resembles King Lathas.
  • The gem and baker stalls no longer reference Ardougne.
  • Betty’s counter in Lands End has been replaced with a table.
  • Hunting equipment spawns in Lands End have been placed within crates.
  • The Yew tree stumps near Lands End have been replaced with inactive regular stumps.
  • The shelf in Lands End Bank no longer gives a book with no relevance to the area.
  • The doors have been removed from Lands End Bank.
  • Removed some unnecessary decor between the buildings in Piscarilius.
  • The roof on Farmer Gricoller’s house now fits correctly.
  • Players are no longer able to walk on the tiles occupied by spiral staircases in Kourend Castle.
  • The Tome of Fire changes colour correctly when pages are added while the book is worn.
  • Resolved an issue in player-owned houses where moving a room not connected to another floor upstairs stated that the room could not be moved.

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With all these fixes, it is now easier to farm Old School Runescape Gold with all these bugs fixed. Any more bugs that you still think needs to be fixed? Let us know in the comments section!