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Old School Runescape is always trying to have fresh content for their players. Being more than a decade old of an MMORPG, this is a must and good that Jagex is striving hard in putting new content in the game. Having you keeping track of the latest updates in Old School Runescape? Do so, maybe your OSRS gold will be of greater use in these latest additions to the game than spending it on the current patch.

OSRS Gold: Update November 22, 2016

Old School Runescape has a new update and here is the news coming from the official OSRS website:

Premier Club’s coming next week, and we’ll be providing a 30% discount to a year’s membership.

With raids on the horizon, Deadman tournaments and the usual flow of Old School updates, we want as many of you as possible to enjoy all we have to offer in 2017.

Here’s the full list of pricing across all regions:

Currency Bronze Silver Gold
AUD 30.99 53.99 96.49
CAD 26.49 46.49 83.49
CHF 23.99 41.99 75.49
DKK 132.99 233.99 419.99
EUR 22.49 39.49 71.29
GBP 15.99 27.99 49.99
INR 1,189.00 2,049.00 3,689.00
MXN 299.99 519.99 924.00
MYR 79.99 140.99 249.99
NOK 169.99 289.99 528.99
NZD 31.99 55.99 100.49
PLN 72.99 128.99 234.99
SEK 169.99 294.99 528.99
SGD 31.99 55.99 99.99
USD 24.99 44.99 79.49
BRL 28.99 53.49 97.99
Axeso 255.00 450.00 810.00
Bonds 5 10 20

Please note that Grandfather rates will not be taken into account when purchasing Premier Club. Existing recurring subscriptions will resume once your Premier Club membership ends.

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Get ready for the next year of Old School for 30% less with Premier Club – starting on Monday 28th November!

The RuneScape Team

So guys, are you excited with this awesome news? Old School Runescape gold will still be definitely worth a lot because of this new event and expect to be needing a lot. More news to come everyone!