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We often see players in different forums complain to gaming companies just about anything. Whether they often get disconnected or they think that the game sucks for whatever reason, point is, they don’t fail to complain. This happens so regularly that you’d think it is the fault of the company behind those MMORPGs. Little do we know, the entire ruckuses caused by these rants are just isolated cases. They might be many but truth is, they are just isolated cases. The noisy minority. For example, OSRS players complain that they are having problems with hackers getting their OSRS gold. These are true for only a handful of people or less but they attract so much fear and attention, it looks like a big problem.

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Looking in the Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit for the said topic, I came to this post of Kreddy97. I knew that there a lot of players who have been experiencing bad connection with the game but Kreddy97’s post is a testament that these are isolated cases only. Here’s his post:

I laugh at every meme, but then I feel bad for those affected by the servers, but I have not DC’d once on osrs. I live in east coast of US and play on US worlds using OSBuddy. So just wondering, are the people that are mainly DC’ing from different countries and/or using worlds from servers outside of their location (i.e. Germans using US servers or US players using German servers). Also I am very glad that OS team is looking into it, knowing how expensive and difficult it is to upgrade and maintain servers for a nearly global game.

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I know it is kind of frustrating to not play the game normally or not play at all because of connection related issues but people have to realize that this is not true for everyone. There are a lot of people as well that can play and farm their Old School Runescape Gold with great connection. This means that this is not on Jagex’s servers. If so, again, these are isolated cases. Let us just all be glad that Jagex are still listening to these isolated cases.