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New content is always good for an MMORPG. There will be new things for players to look forward to in the game. Take Old School Runescape as an example. There are many hardcore players of this game. They are so hardcore, they finish new content in no time. What do they do after? Well, it depends really on the player, whether it be training or go back to farming OSRS Gold. Whatever that is, constant addition of new content is always good.

OSRS Gold: New Content

Runefest just finished and there were reveals on new content for Old School Runescape. Yes, there will be new content but there is always a critic to anything including the new content. Like this guy from Reddit that is somewhat worried to the new content for OSRS:

Ok I have to be very careful how I word this entire post because there is an idiotic tendency of calling others ‘spoiled’ or ‘entitled’ even if they just question content.

When I watched Runefest yesterday, I was eagerly waiting for the BIG reveals later on for Old School. But I kind of have mixed feelings when I compare the promised 2017 content with the 2016 content.

In 2016 we got (not the entire list):

  • Zeah
  • Monkey Madness 2
  • Construction update
  • Raids (they’re coming in 2016)
  • New runes to runecraft
  • Wintertodt

=> Not the entire list obviously, just some notable changes.

In 2017 we will get:

  • A reworked Zeah
  • A new island
  • A repoll and redesign of the Inferno
  • A new quest
  • Skill expansions
  • Some other things

Obviously we still know very little about the 2017, but from the first look of things, I get the impression that the 2017 is less ambitious than the 2016 content. WHICH DOES NOT MEAN IT WON’T BE GOOD! How do you guys feel about this?

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It may be underwhelming in our eyes right now but it is still new content. It will be more disheartening if there will be no new content for the next year. Plus, we still don’t know how this list of new content will be implemented in the game. Let us just keep an optimistic view on them and look forward. Let us just judge them if they are already out. For now, keep on farming or if you’re lazy, buy OSRS gold in preparation for these new changes.