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For sure everyone already experienced a problem with their online game and they can’t figure out why. And it’s not even on the player’s end. Even Google cannot find a solution for it and the support team for that game takes forever to respond. When I experience this in OSRS, I feel like all of my OSRS gold will be useless. Yeah, that feeling.

OSRS Gold: Let’s Help Out

Let’s make OSRS community better by helping this guy out (from OSRS Subreddit) with his problem running the game:

So I recently wanted to start OSRS again after taking a 1 year break. I downloaded the normal client provided by Jagex on the Oldschool Runescape Website. After installing it and hopping on I realised that it runs different than usual. As far as I remember the maximum FPS of OSRS is 50 (correct me if I’m wrong) and for me it feels like ~20. Now, it’s 100% not my PC (when I played it 1 year ago it was perfectly fine) and RS3 is also running completely flawless on maxed settings. I even tried to hop on a private server just to compare the FPS and those also work perfectly fine. The weird thing is that I also downloaded OSBuddy because there’s a feature where u can check FPS and it tells me that the game is running on constant 50 FPS (which should be max). Other things that I tried to fix the problem: 1)Setting priority to “high” and making it run on only 1 core instead of all 4 2) Re-installing Java 3) Re-installing my graphic drivers 4) I even reset my whole PC and re-installed Windows 7 etc…nothing worked.

Even weirder is that when I open 2 clients and log into 2 different accounts at the same time, minimize one of them and play on the other one, the FPS seem perfect. But as soon as I close the minimized client, it’s bad again.

So is there anything else I could try to fix the problem? Thanks.

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Helping out this guy doesn’t cost anything unlike when you buy OSRS gold. Let us help him by commenting some solutions