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There are many and different personalities in every player community and the Old School Runescape population is not an exception. There will always be those who hate so much on every little thing in the game but still plays it and the complete opposite of that, the ones who are ever so understanding. There are those, of course, who are the combination of both. This in turn makes the OSRS player base have diverse opinions on topics thus making things really interesting. At least, for me. The clash on opinions spices things up in forums, chat rooms and comments section. I will pay a good amount of OSRS Gold to see such logical arguments but most of the time, I don’t get to read one.

OSRS Gold: The Community

Despite the fact that you know the OSRS Community consists of different personalities, the toxic people still emerged thus making people think the whole population is, well, toxic. But as time goes by, these loud and annoying OSRS players have toned down. Is it because Jagex finally satisfied their rants, shutting them up? Or they just got tired of all the nonsensical yelling and complaining? Maybe, there are so many of them complaining on the same thing over and over again that they agreed upon it and just decided to stop? I don’t know the reason but I noticed it as well. There are less and less rant posts and comments about Old School Runescape and Jagex compared to the previous months and years. Did you notice it as well?

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As much as we want this sudden quiet atmosphere in OSRS, I think this is just like a “calm before the storm.” The next mistake by Jagex will wake them up causing another thunderstorm of rants. I don’t know. OSRS is just good as it is for me right now that’s why I don’t understand them. Maybe they just don’t get a good amount of Old School Runescape Gold. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.