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Old School Runescape is going to have a raid in the game. It is about time Jagex putting something in the game that has something to do with cooperative PVE. OSRS has been focusing too much on PVP, in my opinion, that it is only a matter of time that players will think the game is going stale. Yes, the game is still freaking fun with what it has right now, especially all the OSRS gold I can get, but that can only bring the game so far. Players will still have that need of some team player versus environment. Now that it’s announced Old School Runescape has raiding, I am somewhat relieved and eager to see this update.

OSRS Gold: Looting

One of the main concerns in raiding is how each player gets their loot and on things they can do with them. Someone in OSRS Sub-Reddit has somehow has a same concern and I would like to share it with you guys. Here is his post:

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know OSRS is getting raids on the 5th.

As far as I’m aware the reward system will work similar to what you guys have with your raid (everyone that participated in the kill receives their own loot).

My question(s) to you is how do you distribute loot?

-Do you split if you receive an item above a certain coin threshold?

-Do you split raid specific gear?

I’m a part of a smallish clan on OSRS and we’re currently discussing how we should go about this. A lot of people want to split loot but I don’t see the point in splitting an item with a large group of people if some people didn’t put as much effort into raids as others.

I’m asking for your opinion so I can give more constructive feedback to our discussion, thank you in advance!

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I am pretty sure OSRS players will encounter ninja looting or whatever when it comes to looting (if you can convert it to Old School Runescape Gold also) and that is one aspect of the new raid update that I am looking forward to observe. Hopefully Jagex will not screw this one up. What do you think guys? Let us know what you think.