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Old School Runescape, how old has it been? OSRS dates back early 2000’s and it is now 2016. Two decades of this game is nearing and we still are enjoying this game. Year and years of farming OSRS gold, stats grinding, making friends; time flies really fast when you’re enjoying.

OSRS Gold: Looking Back

Can you still remember when you started playing Old School Runescape? It is a good time to look back on the year we started entering the world of OSRS. Yeah, a little bit of Flashback Friday.

I found a post in OSRS Subreddit with the same topic. This was posted by InVindictus:

Aye ye scurvy landlubber,

just a pretty quick question, how old were you when you started playing? How did you find out about Runescape?

I was 5 when I started playing in 2005, I found out through my cousin who was pking in wilderness with the dragon dagger. From 2005 to 2013, the highest cb I attained was 57. 8 years of not knowing what to do was thrilling – not a joke. I am still using the same account I did back in 05, since everyone restarted on OSRS I am cb 87. I am hoping to be maxed.

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Good thing people have been actively commenting in the post because I was curious to when they started playing the game and started earning Old School Runescape Gold. People replied diversely and here are some:

Started playing when I was about 9 in 2002.. stopped playing and come back in 2005.. got lost in lumbridge swamp.. then my mate got me out and I played ever since

I started playing in late 2005-2006 when I was 5 almost 6. Stopped when eoc came started back the day 07 came

started in 2004, was 6th grade for me so around 11-12 years old i think

How about you, when did you start? Leave us your answers in the comments section below!