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It is either you play Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape. This is what the majority think and it shouldn’t be. We are not bound to enjoy just either one of the two. No. We definitely can play both. If you can only make use of OSRS Gold in Runescape 3, that would make it perfect and might even be the solution to this unending war between the two awesome games.

OSRS Gold: Not Again

Who would’ve thought that the clash between the two would be connected to the banning of OSRS Accounts? Well, not really. It was just a joke in this next post. The account was banned when the original poster played OSRS and Runescape 3 in the same time and was mistaken for botting. It is pretty funny. Check it out everyone:

I don’t really care, it was a brand new account I made, it only had about 400k total xp I think, and 100k.

Was just wondering, how would it have gotten banned? I mainly play RS3, but I don’t exactly want to create an OSRS account, work on it for x amount of time, then have it banned and my progress reset to zilch.

Is it possible that I got banned because I wanted to play RS3 and OSRS at the same time, so I was playing both on the same PC?

Also, just so we’re clear. I didn’t bot, but I don’t really care that I got banned, as I hadn’t progressed that much. Please don’t comment “omg liar, you’re just salty you got caught”. The point of this thread is not to get unbanned, it’s just for possible insight on how I’d get banned, and if I’m safe to create a new account to play in the future.

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So yeah, I guess it is really just Jagex mistook running Runescape 3 at the same time with OSRS as botting. It just became funny because of the coincidence and that the OSRS support just encourages players to not play Runescape 3 while playing OSRS or else you will be considered botting. I sure do hope CrypticKaxar didn’t have many Old School Runescape Gold in his account. It would be a waste banning an account with lots of OSRS gold in it.