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Old School Runescape is not a bad game. Yeah, we know that it is out of its prime and cannot really match with its competition, but it is still a good game. If you look at it only as a game, OSRS is a decent game. Of course, a game will be judged not only for it being as a game. Everything supporting around an MMORPG will be judged by players as well. For example, farming OSRS gold is fun but if something goes wrong in game and will be needing assistance from the customer support, don’t expect to have a good time dealing with them. Yeah, Old School Runescape has a terrible CS team.

OSRS Gold: Proof

Here is a post from No_Fairweathers in OSRS Sub Reddit in relation to OSRS Customer Support is hopeless:

I have been on and off again for years with RuneScape. Along the years I have had my accounts compromised. On my old main in RS3 I logged in after 15 months(I’d estimate that was close to a year ago,) to find it banned for macroing major. After a quick appeal/recovery, they looked into it and gave me access back to my account (I quickly set up my 2 step access.)

Today, I tried to log into a pure I abandoned after fail obby pure on OSRS 6 months ago. Macroing major, can’t appeal. I know the OSRS team is limited, and I’m not too bothered by the time lost, but it bothers me I can’t send in a ticket for them to look into it. I’d rather wait 2 months to reinstate my account, than spend another month of effort and 2 months membership to build it back again.

In summary, why if you’re banned on OSRS, does it exempt your account from review?

I know I’ll get downvoted and sworn as a botter. Haven’t since 05 when I was 11 years old on my first account and 5 computers removed from my current accounts. My accounts were not comprised from that.

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So yeah, OSRS is a good game but it becomes worse because of the reputation of its support team. It is scary to think if I have so many Old School Runescape Gold and something happened to it, Jagex support cannot guarantee they can help me. Hopefully, people won’t take it on OSRS. It is still great game.