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Last time I shared to you guys this interesting story about a guy posting in Reddit about Old School Runescape and how OSRS pulled his life to the wrong direction. It was not about farming OSRS gold. Hope this last part isn’t as well.

OSRS Gold: Last Part

This is the third and last part of the story:

My university thankfully let me resit 2nd year again, due to appealing, but with rs in my life I just had the mentality to keep playing and getting better on it, with much less focus on uni and life in general, I would play a lot of hours daily and revise a tiny bit.

Honestly runescape made me more antisocial, depressed and I’ve noticed in the past year I’ve started to somehow gain weight (I used to be around 60kg for idk how long, I’m now 70kg…).

I failed 2nd year a 2nd time and again with appealing my university somehow gave me a 3rd chance. I really am so disappointed how my life has changed with runescape in it.

Just imagining how much better my life would’ve been if I never had it in my life and/or came back to it during university. I could have graduated university by now and found a job but I’m still doing 2nd year… And I with hope, if I can fix myself up, I graduate in 2 years.

I’m sorry if anyone didn’t like this post, I just really wanted to get it off my chest. Since failing 2nd year of university again my life is just messed up, I’m playing runescape to relieve the depression, and still not going out with friends, or speaking to my family much. I’m just slowly trying to get out of the habit recently, since attaining diary cape I’m feeling less attracted to grind more, play in general

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I think that Old School Runescape is not really the problem. His time management and being addicted to the game are the things he should’ve pointed out. If it was because of farming gold in OSRS taking his time, he should’ve just asked his friend to buy OSRS gold for him as gift or something. He didn’t mention it but yeah, maybe one of the reasons he was addicted to Old School Runescape.