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We have seen so many stories from players that said Old School Runescape changed their lives in a good way. If not, the game brought them good lessons that can be applied to real life. Yeah, there are so many stories like that. Well, there are some negative stories as well. As much as I don’t want to share any negative vibes, it will be interesting to know that side Old School Runescape brought to people. For sure, this is some OSRS Gold content.

OSRS Gold: First Part

To make it a little suspenseful, I will be sharing to you guys the first part of the story by Throwaway28363 from the OSRS Subreddit:

I’m not gonna hate too much on the rs team for this, it’s a fabulous, well made game but with its plus sides it also brings negatives.

I’ve played runescape for years, as a passionate player. Since 2005 to be specific, it literally was my favourite game ever. Yet very much addictive.

It really overtook my life in a way, separated me from social interaction with family,friends. I spoke less with my parents, didn’t really go out with friends because I wanted to play runescape. Even schoolwork, I remember during my GCSEs it was very hard till then to concentrate on my revision due to me wanting to play runescape every now and then. Which affected my grades a bit.

But around then Rs started changing, dung release, mtx,graphical changes. Slowly making me lean away from runescape (which I thanked). I started to play less and less and resulted to just come on now and then to check up, seeing how so many updates were implemented over a year, up till EoC was released. Making me never bother with runescape ever.

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Well this is getting quite interesting. Do you agree? I will share to you the next part very soon! For the mean time, let’s do some more OSRS gold farming (or buy OSRS gold).