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What if the game you have been playing for over a decade suddenly closes? Have you ever thought about this? What will you feel about it? Or if that game is nowhere near closing after a decade in the MMORPG industry, what if YOU decide to quit the game? What will it be like? Will a lot of people miss you or at least try to change your mind about quitting the game? For example, in Old School Runescape, have you made a big mark in the game or your server at least that some of the population will notice your leave? If you have played OSRS for about 10 years, you must have a lot of OSRS Gold for sure. It would be a waste if you just leave your items in your accounts as well.

OSRS Gold: A Little Observation

As we are talking about reactions of people around you as you quit and what you’re going to do with your characters’ items and gold, someone in Reddit posted this. He observed players around him as he dropped items in RS3 and OSRS because he was thinking about quitting. Here’s his original post:

So I did a couple drop parties in f2p, both rs3 and osrs, just because I’m quitting. Game has become too addicting but that’s besides the point. I dropped all my stuff on rs3 account I’ve been playing for 10+ years, and no one says anything. It just seemed..idk. They just picked the stuff up and just carried on. Anyways. So I did the same thing in osrs. Everyone one of those bastards had a blast and everyone was talkin to each other. It wasn’t anything crazy, a lil over 150m in osrs. Honestly idk what I’m even writing this post about. I guess maybe what y’all think the social differences are between rs3 and osrs? It’s two completely different environments but I can’t figure out what it is. More drop parties around this time tomorrow too, btw. World 8.

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It is not surprising that people don’t even bother ask who’s dropping items randomly and why. What’s surprising was RS3 players were like, emotionless. They were not even happy that there were free loots? At least, OSRS players showed emotions when there were free loots on the ground. I wonder when is the time Old School Runescape Gold can be dropped though and can be picked up.

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