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Old School Runescape should consider all medium when it comes to accessibility. With the game not leading the MMORPG race, Jagex should realize that they need every means to put the game out there. OSRS doesn’t have the luxury of picking where to advertise or make the game accessible. More people playing because it is more accessible, the more OSRS gold in the game, meaning, healthier economy and happier people.

OSRS Gold: In Steam

Here are some discussion on the idea of Old School Runescape being available in Steam:

guess this could be a good idea, but the player base will have a little population of OG RS players from 2007.

Not sure if I can agree with him but hey, worth a try right?

I’d support this if it was through osbuddy/konduit. As I do like the features from 3rd party clients. Maybe make it so that you can download a “free version” with no plugins or anything, then a “paid” version (same price as osbuddy pro) for the extra features.

Obviously you can be f2p with the paid version on steam, and p2p with the free version on steam and vice versa if you choose. This will not effect membership in any way

Yes, some MMORPG’s have tried this method and yeah, some of them are actually getting attention thus the increase in player population. Maybe Old School Runescape can have more success with this suggestion.

I mean it was on miniclip which brought in a lot of players

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Any advertising is good advertising. Jagex needs to spread the news about Old School Runescape in a very popular medium like Steam. This will greatly boost the number of people playing the game thus it becoming more fun to play! The more people play, the more Old School Runescape Gold can circulate also. I do hope OSRS goes to steam.