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Considering how long Old School Runescape has been in the MMORPG world, it is still nice to see that it is still attracting people to play it. One would not think that an old game like OSRS can still entice players to try the game out. More so, it can attract the younger generations who you would instantly think that they play newer games because let’s say, better graphics. Old School Runescape cannot go toe to toe with those new generation games because, well, it is old school. The outdated game engine cannot keep up with the latest ones in terms of, at least, graphics. That is why it is surprising that the game still racks some decent number of players. This also means OSRS gold will never be out of use.

OSRS Gold: New Player

Here is another instance of a player interested in playing Old School Runescape but he is a returning player. It is still the same like of attracting a new player to play OSRS because considering the competition between MMORPGs, it still deserves a celebration when players pick to go back to Old School Runescape. Here is enigmatic_cat_girl’s post with the title “hey all, just started playing osrs again and wanted some tips on starting out fresh”:

made a brand new account on the weekend, started out killing chickens and then did waterfall and tree gnome village for some free xp. now im at chaos druids with 50k in the bank and a rune scimi with 40att 34str and 20 def, everything else non combat related is level 1. I’m wondering what I should do quest wise and to make some gold. tryna focus on combat stuff since that has always been my fave in rs.

ty in advance friends : )!

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It is quite refreshing to read these stories because we know for sure that they think Old School Runescape is still a good game to go back to. Even if the game is old, it didn’t diminish in terms of fun. Going back to farming Old School Runescape gold, killing monsters, leveling character, it is all fun even for new players!