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We are all furious when something in the game is broken. Whether it be connecting to the server, sudden disconnections, bugs, imbalances, etc., we all go berserk and ending up directing to the gaming company of the game. I am pretty sure I got it right. Betting all of my OSRS Gold if I am not right. Well, okay, if that is not the case, we just go “this game sucks” in a blink of an eye. We don’t really look at things in a bigger picture which is really not the right thing to be or at least with a more open mind.

OSRS Gold: He’s Right, You Know?

I am happy to see someone that is more mature than a regular Old School Runescape player. He is a rare type of player considering how the OSRS community is filled with hate and negativity. How did he become mature? This is his post in Reddit:

There’s a lot of anger towards the JaGeX staff right now and I just wanted to remind people that they are probably frantically doing everything they can to fix the servers as we insult them. I can’t speak for the whole of JaGeX, but the salaries and jobs of the OSRS staff depend on a thriving OSRS player base and its happiness. They are probably hurt the most by whatever is causing the issue (whether more servers need to be built or DDoS atacks), so there is no reason to be throwing hate at them while they do their best to get things up and running.

His name is _nu and if you are reading this, thumbs up to you!

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Don’t be like this guy

He is right, definitely. As much as players don’t want these unfortunate things happening in OSRS, Jagex is the first one to be hating on them. Oh, not to mention they also are the ones who will fix them. So it is really unfair to pour those pot of boiling anger on them at once. They are doing their best to keep the game as smooth as possible for us to enjoy so have a little chill and give them a chance. Go buy OSRS gold or something to alleviate that anger of yours if you feel frustrated in not being able to play OSRS.