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The Old School Runescape players really love their game. The whole community talk about on how to improve the game and interacts with the developers when they reach a certain idea. It is the first time I’ve seen it really in an MMORPG that players group up and make sure to reach the attention of the game dev on what they need to be done in the game. For example, OSRS gold is inflating? The OSRS community will come up with a solution or an idea and they won’t stop until Jagex responds to that.

OSRS Gold: A Whole New Level

Here is an example of a player who really loves Old School Runescape and wants to step up in improving the game:

Right so I’ve been thinking this through and I’ve decided it’s time to dedicate my life to OSRS and improving it to the game we all enjoy and want to keep enjoying in the future. Now I know there’s this thing going on about hiring a new QA tester, well shit, I’ll QA test everything possible. I’ll be stabbing a goblin in the depths of lumbridge hours upon hours with a bronze dagger while using a new shield to make sure it doesn’t glitch out. I’ll be getting 99 runecrafting twice in a month to make SURE that this new runecrafting altar thing works 100% as planned allright? But wait there’s more, if there’s no QA testing left to do (yeah right, lmao, ofcourse there’ll be testing 24/7 right), I’ll just hop on Ash’s glorious back and assist him into coding the god damn best new features you could possibly think off! Coding knowledge? Mate, I know the basics of C#, Java, etc etc I’m all set to learn along the road and bam I’ll be a professional in notime! Community activity? Holy shit is this like a description of me? I’ll be active on reddit, twitter, youtube, hell even Google+ if you find the odd person using it to make SURE we get all the information across that’s needed to keep up a healthy connection with the community.

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It is delightful to see that someone like this guy is willing to do everything to make Old School Runescape the best it can be. Make Old School Runescape gold again! How about you, do you share the passion of this guy towards OSRS? How? Share it in the comments section!