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The feud between Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 is so common that when you a post or thread about it, everyone would think it is a normal occurrence. It is like a daily occasion that players from either games don’t make a fuss about it anymore. Maybe some arguments still spark rage from both camps but if you will be observation of recent, it kind of died down already. It is not new anymore. It is as common as OSRS gold for a heavy farming player.

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OSRS Gold: It’s The Other Way Around

I noticed this topic when I found a thread about someone accidentally posting an Old School Runescape topic in the Runescape 3 sub-Reddit. To much surprise, no one acted or replied violently. Yes! It was very unexpected! It was so startling that another thread was created linking to the said rare occurrence! People reacted to this surprising event and here are some replies:

Everyone knows this is sarcastic:

  • “Devalues my unfounded hatred of people who enjoy different video games than me”

Also, this:

  • “better keep that rs3 shit out of here or else things will get crazy”

Yeah, what if it was the other way around?

  • “but imagine if someone posts rs3 to osrs subreddit”

Was the post’s purpose was this?

  • “Annnd stirring the pot”

So yeah, it is pretty hilarious to encounter this thread because you cannot really tell if it was true or not. If it was true, great! If it wasn’t, well, it’s nothing new so who gives a poop. The comments other than the ones I shared were also funny. Some approached the post neutrally like “unfortunately, this is Runescape 3 sub-reddit. You can post something like this in r/2007scape.” Well, true. We are just happy, I know you are too, that people didn’t let rage take over their post because someone actually posted something that wasn’t about their game. How about we celebrate something small but big at the same time of a good news like this by farming more Old School Runescape Gold and maybe give them away to players in need. Hope something positive like this continues!