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Last time I shared to you guys the first part of the post by Kolo_True in the Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit. It was all about reminiscing the days when he watched and played OSRS and how the flow of OSRS Gold was so interesting. Now, I will share to you the second and last part of his post.

OSRS Gold: Looking Back Part 2

It is pretty refreshing to read posts like these because you get to know others’ stories outside of the game. Players don’t really have that chance to get to know the experiences and thoughts of players outside of the game or even in-game. There are minimal to zero opportunity to talk about these stuff cause players tend to be busy doing in-game activities such as farming Old School Runescape Gold. Okay guys, here is the second part of Kolo_True’s post:

Nevertheless I am thankful for being able to play this game that I thought I would never see again. Now I’m off to go get more gp in one kill than what I made in 2 years of playing RS with no idea what I was doing other than exploring and finding new aspects of the game without foreknown knowledge.

Extra thoughts if anyone cares to read :

(Don’t hate me for this but it was like when I played Cod 4 and Halo 3 on Xbox live for the first time in 07 [I was 11 at the time], I was so amazed at what we now a days see as simple things. I remember the first game I played on both just like I remember my first day of being a member on RS.

I killed a goblin and got a bronze spear and I freaked out and thought I was the shit lol. I then went and “robbed” men and women and killed a few to find a “clue scroll?” To never complete one until OSRS.

Just loved thinking about being a noob and a friends video made me think and remember alot of nice memories. Cheers to anyone who read this long post, feel free to post any of your first day of member experiences or just in general some thing you loved to do back then.)

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How about you? Anything interesting to share about your experiences with Old School Runescape? Share it with us in the comments section