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If you are still playing Old School Runescape in 2016, you must be a true fan of the game. Despite of all the big MMORPG names out there, you still choose to play the game that does not claim best on anything. There is nothing wrong with that. Honestly, kudos to you if you still do.  Loyalty to a game means you are pretty dedicated to it which is rare. I bet you have a lot of OSRS Gold in your bank right now.

OSRS Gold: Looking Back Part 1

You know I like spending time in the Old School Runescape Sub-Reddit to ready some interesting stuff from players. Whether they are stories, suggestions or rants, anything interesting from there, I share it here. So here’s one interesting post from someone who looked back 10 years ago to share his Old School Runescape experience:

So as I was taking my weekly shower I was reminiscing about when I first started playing Runescape. Through a few memories the few that sticks out as me having the most fun/excited during the time I was logged on.

I love to watch what items got sold in the General store in world 2 in Varrock. Just seeing items I never have seen before like rune picks, dmeds, various rune items and under, that I only hoped one day I would have enough gp to buy. I remember seeing an item pop and my heart would raise and I went to go buy the item to only not get the item and have thoughts of “why again did I miss out on that item.

I remember seeing a Dragon Dagger sold to the shop and I went to buy it with me hoping to be able to afford it and getting so excited as I had never seen a dragon item ingame to only be told I need like 45k~ to buy it.

After watching a friend’s recent video it made me want to try and remember some of the times I had playing this game with my friends, countless times I would sleep over at my buddy who introduced me to RS. We only had one pc their, and since it was his I let him play on his account, so I probably sat behind him watching play RS for a few days of my life lmfao.

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I loved the fact that he had someone to play with during his time in OSRS. It is quite hard to enjoy the game when you don’t have real life friends to play with. Yes, you can meet new friends in-game but it is still better to have someone you know personally that plays the game as well. Someone you can share Old School Runescape Gold with when they need it and vice versa. We will continue his amusing story next writeup!