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I really think the reason why people are still playing Old School Runescape or old players are going back to the game is because of nostalgia. I am not saying that the game sucks so bad that nostalgia is the only good thing about it. No, the memories of the early days up to somewhere like 2010 still gets to OSRS players and that is the biggest key why OSRS still holds a number of solid players. Whether they farm OSRS gold or PvP the hell out of other players, I am pretty sure that nostalgia is the firm reason of why they are sticking to the game.

OSRS Gold: Not Helping

Jagex and OSRS players are happy that people are going back to the game since more players means more fun. These returning players expect that their accounts are still alive and they log back into them. Unfortunately, most of the time, their accounts have been hacked and those hackers usually do some malicious activities with them. This results to the comeback players’ account being permanently banned. Like this guy’s post in OSRS Sub-Reddit:

Hey guys,

I haven’t played OSRS since October of 2015, I just wanted to log back on and play for a little bit and saw that my account received a permanent ban for Macroing.

This is super strange, because I’ve never Macro’d in my entire life. Never in my history of playing this game have I used a 3rd party client, so I’m pretty confused how this happened.

Is there anyway person I can contact to get this looked at?


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You would know that he has no freaking idea as to why his account was banned. All he knew was he stopped from playing the game, missed it and came back. When he tried to, well, it’s permanently banned. People are saying that banned accounts have no chance on getting appealed to and they cannot recover them. All the Old School Runescape Gold, gone. All in-game items, gone. We like the fact that the game gets people back because of nostalgia but if a permanent ban is the only thing that will welcome these players and there is no solution to this, it will be just another sad OSRS story.