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If you are updated to the topics I have been posting, you are fully aware of the alleged unjust bans from Jagex on OSRS Accounts. Those Old School Runescape Accounts have been accused of botting, macroing and other violations and the owners of those accounts claim that they didn’t. Anyways, maybe they are afraid there OSRS gold will be reclaimed also that’s why they immediately complain that they “didn’t” violate any game rules.

OSRS Gold: React

Someone actually voiced out his opinion on the matter and he made a lot of sense. I read it from Reddit and here is the body (not entirely) of his post:

So many of these threads drive the same torch and pitchfork attitude toward the OSRS team/Jagex as calling out induvidual players does. Proof? At least with the cheaters people will from time to time post actual proof, sometimes undeniable proof, and even they are still removed, IMO that is fine. Keep the rules, no exceptions sure, fine, great. But these “I got unfairly banned, OMG Jagex is so mean” posts haven’t got the proof just like call out threads haven’t got proof. Still yet the Jagex team will always chime in on the ones that gain traction on the front page, and say, “nice try cheater”. Will there be fringe cases where a person is unfairly banned? Yes…just like there are plenty of cases where call outs are true. Still, letting those threads around would just be bad and I argue that these dramatic threads don’t really have a point. If you want to know how Jagex deals with Bans. So because the OSRS team even replies is against the policy in the first place, they are just THAT awesome.

That being said, I really do say that this topic is strangely let go loose. Now by now you might be saying “READ THE RULES IN THE SIDEBAR!” to which I respond oh really? Then why are such threads routinely allowed to hit the front page? It is inconsistent with enforcement of other rules. By letting this go, it is essentially not against the rules. It is a rule in word alone. I’d say be consistent. We need to lax on how other rules are enforced depending on the situation, or be staunch and remove ALL posts that are ban appeals.

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So yeah, there are many means to avoid getting banned and making sure that you won’t. You would be farming all those Old School Runescape Gold and carelessly forgets to make sure to follow all safety measures to not get hacked or accused of violating Jagex rules? You should be careful and follow everything. Hear the man, let us know what you think!