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Choosing between Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 is one of the most difficult decisions one could ever make. Well, I might be over-exaggerating but still, it is still a brain squeezer having to choose between the two. I know they have their own distinctions and those will most likely help one decide. If you are a Runescape fan ever since conception, you would want to play both. Time prohibits that’s why we have to choose. It is impossible to farm so much OSRS Gold then at the same time, give time and attention to Runescape 3. That won’t work. Eventually, you have to pick one.

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OSRS Gold: Undecided

Like RaYellow13, he posted in Reddit to ask everyone’s opinion on which to pick between Old School Runescape and Runescape 3:

Im thinking about getting back into runescape but im not quite sure yet. if i did i dont know weather i would want to play rs3 or osrs or if i would want to start a new account or not (my account on rs3 has stats around 50-70 and in osrs i have quite low stats around 30-40) i just need a bit of convincing.

Well at least he has leaning to one of the choices but that little of a doubt says something. RaYellow13, I assume, is thinking that he will miss out on Old School Runescape when he plays Runescape 3.

Maybe he could balance the two games. It is possible but intense micromanaging between both games is needed. It will be hard to keep focus on one because you want to progress on the other. So yeah, asking people’s opinion on how to go about is one of the steps to come up with a decision.

Maybe he can play Runescape 3 more than Old School Runescape and just buy OSRS gold when he comes up short on Old School Runescape. That’s not a bad idea right? How about you guys? What can you comment on this topic?