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Old School Runescape is the version of Runescape from way back 2007. Over the years, players and fans give their opinions on how the game should improve and what are the things should be removed from the game. Theories of all sorts of the game also are shared from the creative minds of the OSRS population. Assumptions on what the game will be like after x number of years or concepts on how to make OSRS gold without effort; these are some of the products of the ingenious minds of the OSRS community.

OSRS Gold: Here’s One

Speaking of one of the examples of theories from one of the OSRS players is this post by RSReorchestrated in Reddit:

If you think about it, OSRS uses the version of RuneScape from back in 2007. There have been a bit more than 3 years of Old School RuneScape. 2007 + 3 = 2010, Dungeoneering was released to RuneScape in 2010. Raids is going to be somewhat like Dungeoneering. Does this mean that some sort of Evolution of Combat is actually going to happen in 2 more years of Old School RuneScape? Or… If we backtrack to the beginning of the post, I mentioned that there has been a bit more than 3 years of OSRS. There are 3 sides in a triangle shaped figure. They recently made this song called “Ice and Fire” that has a reference to the Illuminati Song in it and the Doors of Dinh have a triangle shaped figure with an eye. I recently just mentioned the reference to the Illuminati Song in the song “Ice and Fire”. They referenced to the Illuminati Song. Don’t you get it by now? It should be clear…


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This is some funny stuff that’s why I needed to share with you guys. Whether you believe this or not, we have to give RSReorchestrated credit. Maybe give him some Old School Runescape Gold when I see him in-game.

What do you guys think? Do you have a (funny) theory like this? Share it with us in the comments section!