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So is it worth it to play OSRS? This is definitely something to tackle on. Opinions of Old School Runescape players may vary on this. Some might have fun while playing the game but at the end, they can say it is not worth it. Some may say that the game is not for them because of multiple reasons. Some may say that the game is super awesome because they love farming like grinding for OSRS gold, for example. This topic should garner different opinions and we will discuss on some.

OSRS Gold: Their Opinions

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I was browsing the OSRS Subreddit and came upon the topic. Fortunately, there are some people who commented on the topic and gave diverse opinions. Here are some:

It’s worth it when the servers aren’t getting anally raped like they are right now.

This is true. It is really frustrating for players when OSRS servers are not working as intended. With the recent DDoS attacks on Jagex, this comment is pretty much spot on. When the servers are going smoothly though, Old School Runescape is undeniably great.

Ya, lots of fun

Like this second comment. OSRS is sure fun and more if you have lots of Old School Runescape Gold.

nah m8 super waste of life fam, OSRS is worth playing like meth is worth trying.

I can’t fully disagree with this comment though. This guy has a reason for not liking Old School Runescape and how I wish he mentioned it in his comment as well. The reason, that is. Some clever (not really) simile on OSRS being not worth playing won’t just cut it.

Just started a few days ago. It’s pretty damn good.

This one too. I agree, that Old School Runescape is fun but for the sake of discussion and for the people asking the same question, including the reason why the game is damn good would’ve been appreciated.

How about you? What do you like or hate about Old School Runescape? Is it worth playing? Share your insights in the comments section below!