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Old School Runescape is all about grinding. Actually, I cannot remember any other MMORPG that is not about working hard for whatever you want to achieve in the game. Not everyone likes this norm of MMORPGs. Even if every online game offers their players endless (and sometimes pointless) grind, not all would be a fan of it. Players do find ways to bypass grinding such as to become the one with the most OSRS Gold in Old School Runescape or become the strongest. So yeah, grinding is the point of almost all MMORPGs but not everyone wants to do it.

OSRS Gold: Unbelievable

The one who posted this sounded so innocent but I personally cannot believe that someone still thinks like this. If this guy is serious and he isn’t a scammer, I would laugh my behind off all day. Enjoy his post:

Hey guys decided id try here because there is a following, Recently i had gotten back into old school runescape, this game i used to play back in 04 to about 07 i loved the game just as a kid never really undertood it and never got the stats i wanted, i just started again and im 20 years old now but honestly the game is still super grindy to me and dont have time to play the game with an actual good account, just a longshot but wondering if anyone could maybe give me an account with some decent stats, and i know its cancerous of me to even ask this but itd be really appreciated and in someway id have to give back for it, also i really want to do the christmas event coming up it would just feel nice on a bulkier account haha

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I found this post while looking for some good tips on how to get Old School Runescape gold faster but I guess someone else decided to take the easy route and ask for a strong Old School Runescape account. This is unbelievable to some degree. Head scratcher, all right.