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So last time we took a look at a skill that is not present in the game anymore but was recently suggested by some players to bring it back to Old School Runescape. What was that skill? It is Fear. Yeah, the OSRS gold skill named Fear. It was quite formidable way back and was removed maybe because it was strong. Players do suggest to bring it back because it was quite helpful. Let us take another quick look at the definition of Fear


Fear was an evil magic spell available before the evil and good magic skills were merged into one spellbook. It required three body runes and one mind rune.

Fear’s effect depends when used in combat and non-combat. It depends on the state of combat when you casted it.


Reaction One

Of course there are different reactions by people with regards to the idea of bringing back the skill Fear. There are some in favor and some are iffy in bringing it back because of different reasons. Here are some of them:

One said that Fear “seems a little OP”. Yeah I think I will agree on this one because well, it is powerful. Doesn’t really matter on the duration of the spell but the effect of the skill on the target. It is not like stun that you are put in place. Fear adds irritability with the target running around after being casted thus it being more powerful than stun. I agree to the one commented about it being OP though. He said that “Could get modified, the concept seems pretty nice tho.” Absolutely it could get modified and balanced accordingly to the game. I am pretty skeptical about it though because Blizzard still cannot balance its version of Fear. To think Blizzard cannot balance the exact (almost) same skill, what more about Jagex right? I think I just said Blizzard is better than Jagex. I got to stop stating the obvious, lol! Fine, I will buy OSRS Gold and give to you all butthurt OSRS players.

There are more reactions to this idea. Let us see more of these on my next write up!