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Old School Runescape has been enjoying a large player-base ever since August of 2007, and it has garnered hundreds of thousands of players. It is continuing to do so to this day. As such, OSRS accounts have been created one after the other. Its restoration back in February 2013, which was demanded and voted for by 449,351 players, only further boosted that momentum.


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Enjoy a clean in-game economy by making OSRS accounts

Old school Runescape’s economy isn’t as messed up compared to that of the new one, so if you just buy osrs accounts instead of the new ones, you’ll end up enjoying your time easily catching up to the high scores in no time. You can have your 15 minutes of fame there, whereas in the new Runescape, you’ll find that making it to the high scores is just not doable within a short period of time. So many players in the new Runescape already have maxed out their skills, so this will prove to be an obstacle for beginners. Furthermore, the warped economy of the new Runescape is another difficulty commonly encountered by beginners of the game.


Easy OSRS accounts creation, easy installation

Starting out as a small browser game back in 2001, Old School Runescape was all about offering players easy access to an online RPG experience, favoring a free-to-play model over the dominantly used subscription model. As such, the game’s engine couldn’t have been as powerful as other big games. This also means that installation is easy considering the very low requirements and specs of the game. Pretty much anyone with a decent computer would be able to install and play this game easily. Granted, the game is already old, but has received numerous graphical and gameplay updates necessary to compete with the new MMORPG’s coming out.


Dynamic OSRS accounts

Old School Runescape is unique in the way that its accounts are intuitive of the types of weapons the player uses, which determines what kind of skills and masteries it levels-up. The player can switch between various classes to play with, and what skills to level up each time.


If all else fails, it’s always easy to just sell osrs accounts and make money off of it considering how many avid OSRS players there are around the globe.