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A new item to prevent RS gold farming?

Jagex officially announce the new items that will help the damaged economy which is caused by RS gold farmers. This item is called “Bond”. If you are a FREE player who has more RS gold and want to become a MEMBER, then this is your chance. Thanks to the bonds, players (especially FREE players) can now purchased them at the Grand Exchange or from other players using RS gold.


According to Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, this is the last step that will stop RS gold famers from ruining the game’s economy. This will create a tactic called “gold sink”; a move that is usually found in some MMO’s that removes the RS gold from the games economy as a way of eliminating inflation over time.


What is this new item “Bond” RS gold farmers need to be aware of?

The “Bond” that Jagex launched is a new in-game item that can be purchased using real world money and can be traded in-game. This can be used to redeem 14 days Runescape Subscription, additional 8 spins for Squeal of Fortune, and 160 Runecoins. Since Bonds are tradable, you can use your RS gold to buy them at the Grand Exchange or the other way around. But once traded, they will turn into untradeable item. You can make the bonds tradable again by paying 1, 226, 0033 RS gold. Below are the costs of Bonds:


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