RS Gold

If your skill level is not enough when you needed it the most, how about borrow someone else’s skills which are higher than you? The Assist system is a way to borrow player’s stat while at the same time gaining some experience to the player who is lending to that person. This way you can help your friend if they have not enough stats or level to a certain skill. By doing this the person who is assisting will also gain an experience with the maximum of 30,000 per day. Some players also earn RS Gold by using this system.


Assisting others for RS gold

For you who want to start earning RS gold buying by using this system starts by searching some players who are in need of stats and also willing to pay. Talk to the player and once the deal is done, the player or the borrower must right click to your avatar and click “Req. Assist [name of the borrower]”. Now once the request is sent to you, choose the “Give assistance [name of the borrower]”.


A window will pop up that shows the Assist System XP Display. While assisting, the “lender” or the person who is assisting must prevent closing the Assist window or it will cancel the assist system. Once the player who borrowed your stat is satisfied, you can now make a transaction in order for you to gain RS gold.