RS Gold

Trusting your account to your friends is not bad; however, sharing your account is your responsibility… RS gold is being shared… and so as your rs items


When you share account, bank boost is recommended to hide all your important rs items aside from rs gold


Sharing account is somewhat against Jagex policy and other MMO publishers as well. When a player shares account, it’s like having your account prone to “hacking” not just your rs items but also rs gold. Most likely account sharing happens with in-game friends, real life friends or even to family, however securing your items is hard since its only trust you’re holding onto.


As I’ve written on my old article, BANK PIN is one of my recommendation in securing your rs gold and rs items.


How does Bank Pin protect your Runescape gold and rs items?

Bank pin acts as your account’s secondary password. With this feature, no matter how much you don’t trust the account sharer they can’t get your rs rares, Runescape gold and other valuables.


Getting Bank Pin codes to protect your rs gold

Notes to protect your rs gold, these listed notes should be AVOIDED in setting up your Bank PIN:






Good 4 digits that cannot be guess easily

-Your favorite Celebrity/person birth year

-random 4 digit codes that you can remember


How to extend the slot of your Bank to store more rs gold and rs items

Since bank slots are very limited for both FREEplay and MEMBERS, Jagex implemented bank Booster that can be purchased with Runecoins.

Each Bank Booster will give you additional +50 slots on your bank. The bank slot is Permanent and can be stock with other bank boosters. However, one can purchase a maximum of 5 bank boosters but still it can hold all your Runescape gold and rs items!