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Helping the charities by donating Rs gold and Bonds

Jagex added the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Philippine Typhoon Appeal in the list of charities in order to help the Philippine typhoon victims that was devastated by the typhoon Haiyan (also known as typhoon Yolonda in the Philippines). The people who survived the typhoon needed help including foods, clean water, medicine and additional emergency shelter. Runescape players may help the typhoon victims by donating their RS gold, in-game items, and Bonds in the Well of Goodwill.


Ever since the Well of Goodwill introduced, many Runescape players are already willing to donate their RS gold and Bonds to help and support the charities. According to their Runescape official website, over 1000 Runescape players have contributed with a total of 240 billion Rs gold and over 4700 Bonds; a total of $46,000. Before the end of November, players can still donate.



Image Source: Wikia

Barrows-Rise of the Six; get more rewards and make more Rs gold

The Barrows is a mini-game which is popular due to its large amount of RS gold players can make just by selling the Barrows equipments and other items that monsters drop. Just last week, Jagex released a new sequel which is called Barrows-Rise of the Six. Players need to have a team of four players to fight and defeat the six original Barrows Brothers.


That team of four players must split into two groups and each group needs to take on the three brothers. They said that these boss fights are widely considered to be the most difficult in the game. Because of the difficulty of the game, the rewards are much better. Not only that, you can make much more RS gold if you tried to sell the new powerful equipments and other new rewards.