RS Gold

A week after the launch of Bonds, it has been receiving a good response from the players of Runescape and having a great impact on the game. Because of the Bonds, FREE players can now become a MEMBER by buying them from other players or at the Grand Exchange using Rs gold.


IMG Source: OnRPG

RS gold hunters are liking Bonds

Bonds are a way to defeat the RS gold farmers according to Jagex. Because of them, it is ruining the game’s economy. After a week, the game’s economy is now recovering and it is having promising results thanks to the Bonds.

The Bonds are having a great and positive feedback from the community according to Runescape Official and not only that; it is also having a good impact on the game. Because of that, the game’s economy is now recovering which is great news to all. More and more FREE players are also using the Bonds to become MEMBERS. Now they can access some of the area, items and skills that are only limited for MEMBERS. Because of that, they can now have a chance to make more RS gold and able to use that RS gold for additional benefits.

Below are the usage stats of Bonds:


Source: Runescape Official

If you have excess RS gold in your pockets, buy the Bonds at the Grand Exchange to become MEMBERS.