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Black Scimitar, a weapon that you can farm easily in RuneScape without using any skills and you can earn more RS gold as possible.

Farming Black Scimitar to make more RS gold

The Black Scimitar is a weapon that is slightly more powerful than the ordinary steel scimitar which it is required to wield by a level 25 ATK skills and you can use it to make more RS gold. You can get this thru free respawn by going into Ardougne Castle and it is also obtainable from the Shades of Mort’ton minigame as a reward from a chest which is required steel key to open it.


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To start farming, go to the East of Ardougne and go to the second floor of the castle that looks like above the picture. What you’re going to do is simply pick it up. The black scimitar will just simply respawn on the ground around the areas for every 5 to 10 minutes. Easy and simple, you can make more RS gold that way.


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The Black Scimitar can be sold for at least 1,699 RS gold. If you’re lucky you can make that at least 500k to 700k RS gold in an hour.