RS Gold


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Helping others by donating your Rs gold is a good thing

The Well of Goodwill which is appeared right after the recent update can be located south of Grand Exchange. This well can give the Runecape players the opportunity to extend their act of giving and providing them freedom to support charities. Players may donate their RS gold, in-game items and BONDS in the well. For $1.00 real world money is equivalent to 10m RS gold. That real world money will be given to charities and those who may need it in the real world.

 Donating RS gold can or items, players may also ear 3 titles depending on how much RS gold they have donated.

Donate your RS gold now to help those in need.



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You can kill the warped tortoise and collect their tortoise shells to make more RS gold.

Making Rs gold from collecting lots of tortoise shells

The tortoise shells can be found from killing tortoise and warped tortoises. They can be use to create War Tortoise pouches for summoning which is pretty much valuable to some high leveled players. Because of that, it is a good source for RS gold sell. Below are other drops from warped tortoise.



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The Warped tortoises can be found in the Prison Waste Slayer Dungeon. You need to finish the Path of Glouphrie quest in order to access the dungeon. You can go there by using the spirit tree and after that go to the mountains east of the Poison Waste. Once you’ve arrived, find a good spot and start killing the warped tortoise. Be sure to collect their shells. Once you have inventory full of shells, start selling them in the Grand Exchange to make more RS gold.