RS Gold


Coinshare and items shards; more ways to make RS gold

Before, the coinshare option could only convert the drops into Rs gold and split them equally among the members of the party. Jagex recently updated the coinshare system where items of high-value would turn into 120 pieces item shards and distribute them equally among the members of the party. The item shards will automatically go to the player’s bank. Then the item shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make RS gold. The prices of the shards are still depends on the player.

Jagex also updated the list of items affected by coinshare to be split to form item shards. Once the shards has been split equally, players can now sell them of in the Grand Exchange to earn RS gold.

There is also another interesting option for the party called Lootshare. The Lootshare can distribute the low-value item drops to the members of party equally. Even though they are low-value, you can still make some Rs gold by selling them.



Buy Bonds using Rs gold to redeem for RuneCoins

Want a new pet? Do you like unicorns? Then this is a perfect pet for you. Jagex released a new unicorn pet that you might want to be your companion in your adventures in Runescape. The names of the unicorns are Dawn and Dusk. These adorable unicorns are available in the Solomon’s General Store which can be bough using RuneCoins. You can also obtain RuneCoins by redeeming Bonds which can be bought using in the Grand Exchange using RS gold.

Dawn is a gentle and innocent white unicorn with a grace and noble aura around her. She can emanate spectral energy   from her hooves and horn when she displays her charming flight.  Dusk, on the other hand is a mischievous but playful black unicorn. When he is hovering, he will produce a blazing fire from his hooves and horn. You will not regret spending your RuneCoins or RS gold.