RS Gold


Donate you RS gold and Bonds to help the typhoon victims

Ever since the typhoon Haiyan (known as Yolanda in the Philippines) make a landfall in the Philippines, millions of people have been affected and hundreds of thousands of houses was utterly destroyed by the strong winds and large tides and most of them forced to go to emergency shelters. Those who have survived in the typhoons now need food, clean waters, medicine and additional emergency shelters. Players can help the typhoon victims by donating RS gold, in-game items and Bonds in the Well of Goodwill which is located south of Grand Exchange.


More than 10,000 Runescape players have already contributed more than 240 billion RS gold and over 4700 Bonds. Players can still donate their RS gold and Bonds before the end of November. So those who want to help just simply go to the south of Grand Exchange and donate in the Well of Goodwill.


Redeem your Bonds for RuneCoins; Use RS gold yo buy Bonds

After you’ve made your donation, why not get some RuneCoins. Players may have a chance to try these uniquely made outfits that Jagex recently released in the Solomon’s General Store. These two outfits are called Drakewing and Ogre Infiltrator. The Drakewing is a humanoid like red dragon with wings and sharp claws and cool looking clothes with ornaments and jewelry. The other one, Ogre Infiltrator, is an ogre with nasty looking faces and has huge hands and feet with stitches all over their body. These two new outfits are so unique that has never been made before in Runescape. By buying Bonds using RS gold in the Grand Exchange, you can avail these outfits in the Solomon’s General Store.

To obtain RuneCoins, you can redeem the Bonds and exchange it for RuneCoins. The Bonds can be available in Grand Exchange which you can use you RS gold to be able to buy it.