RS Gold


Double the amount will be donated for the charity, twice the reason to donate RS gold

Before the end of November, Jagex double the amount will be donated for the charity. That’s twice the good reason for Runescape players to donate their RS gold in order to help and support the charities. Jagex will donate $2.00 for the charity for every ten million RS gold donated by players. Due to this, now is the right time to donate your RS gold.

The Well of Goodwill is having a good response from the Runescape communities and due to this, Jagex already donated $60,000 for charity which is a total from 330 billion RS gold and 6000 Bonds from Runescape players.

Do remember that you can donate to the Well of Goodwill with Rs gold, in-game items and Bonds. The Bonds can be bought from Grand Exchange or in the Runescape official website.


Try making RS gold by smithing cannonballs

The cannonballs are used as ammunition for the Dwarf Cannon and by the Barker Toad familiar. In order to make cannonballs, players must complete the Dwarf Cannon quest as a MEMBER. You are also required having ammo mould, steel bars and level 35 Smithing. The Cannonballs can be created in the furnace with steel bars. You can create 36 cannonballs per inventory. Because of the uses of cannonballs, this can be a great way for making RS gold.

As for the best place to make cannonballs, it is best to make in the Edgeville. To be able to access the furnace in the Edgeville, you must complete the Varrock Tasks. Buy lots of steel bars and other necessary items require for making cannonballs and store them in the bank. Use the steel bars in the furnace to make cannonballs. Once you have lots of cannonballs, start selling them in the Grand Exchange to make RS gold.