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The Missing, Presumed Death, is a new quest released by Jagex which involves battling undead monsters, gods and humans, and explore new areas and solved difficult puzzles. This new quest sets on one of the Sixth Age’s core storyline. Once you perfectly finished the quest, you will be given tons of rewards and a chance to get more RS gold.


Source: Runescape Official

The only one who can participate on this quest are MEMBERS only, but FREE players may have a chance as long as they purchased the BONDS on Grand Exchange using their reserved RS gold. Using the BONDS, they can become MEMBERS on several days.



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Try mining Rune essence especially for low leveled players that want to make more RS gold.

Mining Rune essence is like mining RS gold

Runecrafting is especially useful when making runes that has various uses such as magic spells. The Rune essence is a raw material that can be use to make different types of low leveled runes like air, water, mind, earth, fire, and body runes. This type of materials is one of the most commonly traded items, due to being high demand in Grand Exchange; you can make a lot of RS gold.


The best place to mine rune essence for FREE players is via Aubury. For banking, it is better to use the Varrock east bank. In order to get to the Aubury, first you need to go to the Aubury’s Rune Shop in order to teleport in Aubury. Once you’ve arrived, start mining the rune essence. Be sure to bank them and mine another batch and repeat the process. Once you’re satisfied, start selling them in Grand Exchange to make more RS gold.