RS Gold

Converting from clay into soft clay is a great way to make more RS gold.


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Making more Rs gold by converting clay

Soft clay is used in crafting and construction skills. It also used to make magic tablets on a Lectern in Construction. The soft clay can be made by combining the clay (hard clay) with water. You can also use the water fountain that can be found near the Grand Exchange. Since it is near, it is very convenient to make a lot of soft clay and at the same time make more Rs gold.


This item is in good demand due to its MEMBERS use soft clay in order to create teleportation tablets. So for you to start making soft clay, buy at least 1000 to 2000 clays from the Grand Exchange. Once you’re done buying, place yourself at any four bank stalls at the Grand Exchange. Withdraw 28 clay from the bank, and head to the fountain located at the center. Once you’re in the fountain, use the clay with the fountain to make soft clay. While doing that you can make all the clay from your inventory to soft clay. Repeat the process until the entire clay you possess turned into soft clay. Once you’re done, sell them at the Grand Exchange to make more RS gold.