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A quick and simple guide for making more RS gold by collecting Cow Hides from the Cows


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It’s not all about the milk, it’s about making more RS gold

This guide we will be talking how to make RS gold just by killing Cow. Cowhides are dropped by cows once they are killed. These items are important to some players, especially if the cowhides can be turned into soft leather for free or hard leather for 3 RS gold. The tanner can be found in Al-Kharid, the Ranging Guild, Varrock, Canifis, and at the Crafting Guild. These leathers can be use to make various equipments using Crafting skill.

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Making RS gold using Cowhides

What you want to do first is head to an area with a lot of Cows. Killing them is fairly easy. Loot all the drops especially the Cowhides since this item will be worth a lot of Rs gold when sold at the Grand Exchange.  Fill your inventory with cowhides and head to the Grand Exchange. Sell the entire cowhides for decent amount of RS gold.