RS Gold

The memories you converted will provide you with divine energy. This can be used to make other items and transform items and sell them for RS gold

Source: Wikia

Harvesting energy and use them for RS gold

Since August 26, many players have already training their Divination Skill. And use them to bring them more other ways to make sell RS gold. Some other doesn’t know how to start, so we will give you some guides on how to train your Divination skill.


Source: Wikia

To harvest energy, you need to activate first a wisp. The Divine energy can be gathered from wisps which you can also gather memories from it. Harvesting is simply done by choosing the “harvest” option upon clicking the wisp. The players will begin harvesting memories of the same tier. These memories can be converted into divine energy. This energy can be use to make boons, portents, signs and also you can transmutate other resources to make higher value resources. You can sell those resources to make RS gold.