RS Gold

Cleaning the grimy dwarf weed is good for RS gold sell since it is often in demand at the Grand Exchange.


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Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed to make more RS gold

The Grimy Dwarf Weed is a high level herb which it is mainly used to create Super Rangin Potions and Extreme Strength Potions. A level 70 Herblore may clean it in order to produce a clean dwarf weed. Due to its demand, it is often profitable to clean the grimy dwarf weed and sell them at the Grand Exchange to make more RS gold. Below is the list of monsters that dropped grimy dwarf weed:


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In order to effectively make more RS gold, it is much recommended to test the market to make sure that cleaning the grimy dwarf weed is profitable. Buy a large amount of Grimy dwarf weed at the Grand Exchange, you can store some of the weeds at the bank in you didn’t have enough space on your inventory. Once you bought them, you can now start cleaning them simply clicking the grimy dwarf weed. Once you’re finished, sell them at the Grand Exchange to make RS gold.