RS Gold

Runescape has just released two new trees that could help the players to further train their Woodcutting skill. The Elder Tree and the Crystal Tree are both very valuable trees that have high quality items when cut down. You can either use these items for your own or use it for RS gold sell.


IMG Source: Runescape Official

Let’s cut down the new tree and make more RS gold

Runescape just recently released new tress which is called the Elder Tree and the Crystal Tree. Only high leveled Woodcutters can only cut down both trees. Each of them has very valuable resources which will help players gain more RS gold or by using it to make powerful weapons. Additionally, they also added a new powerful bow which is called Dark Arrow. Weapons from both trees combined with the Dark Arrow can be pretty powerful when used by high leveled players.

The Elder Tree can be cut down when the player has level 90 Woodcutting. Once the tree cut down, you gain Elder log which can be use to create Elder Shortbow and Elder Shieldbow. These weapons are powerful enough when you added a Dark Arrow. This is a good source for making more RS gold.


The Crystal Tree can only be cut down when the player has level 94 Woodcutting. Instead of logs, you will gain Crystal Geode which can be opened and gain several rewards. Some of the rewards can be use to make more RS gold. Below are the lists of rewards you can gain upon opening the Crystal Geode:


Source: Wikia

Be sure you don’t miss this chance to cut down these trees and make more RS gold.