RS Gold

Fruit Picking can be rs gold trading profitable, easy and safe…


A fruitful and fun rs gold making guide

Filling a Basket with fruits can help you make a decent RS gold. Basket can be used to carry up to five pieces of fruits. You can either purchase the empty basket from farming shops or crafting by weaving 6 Willow branches using loom.

In this RS gold making guide, you will be filling baskets with fruit; this is a really easy and quick way to make money of the Grand Exchange. Before you start, you may first check the prices in the market since it tends to change. After you check the prices, you may start filling the basket with fruit.

First you must buy either apples or Oranges (5 for each basket) or harvest them in the farm. Then buy a basket (from shops or at Grand Exchange). Store the fruits in the bank and fill your inventory with fruits, then click on the basket to fill it up with fruit. By repeating the process, you should be able to make a good amount of RS gold, have gotten between 50 – 1000 profit per basket, and make 700k+ RS gold within an hour.